Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage - Objectives

The Dark World

No. 1 Defeat the Shadows Defeat 30 Shadows Reward: Figaro
No. 2 Defeat the Flutterings Defeat 45 Flutterings Reward: Coil (Pink)
No. 3 Defeat the Flame Cores Defeat 40 Flame Cores Reward: Cyber Antennae
No. 4 Defeat the Neoshadows Defeat 30 Neoshadows Reward: Antennae
No. 5 Defeat the Water Cores Defeat 20 Water Cores. Reward: Mecha (Blue)
No.6 Defeat the Earth Cores Defeat 20 Earth Cores. Reward: Classy (Yellow)
No. 7 Test of Strength I Raise Aqua to level 60. Reward: Royal Pauldron
No. 8 Test of Strength II Raise Aqua to level 70. Reward: Astral Ornament
No.9 Test of Strength III Raise Aqua to level 80. Reward: Venus's Tiara
No. 10 Master of Counters Defeat 5 Heartless using Counter Blast. Reward: Flawless Wings
No. 11 Master of Fire Use fire-based magic to defeat 30 Heartless. Reward: Cyber Blades
No. 12 Master of Ice Use ice-based magic to defeat 30 Heartless. Reward: Blades
No. 13 Master of Lightning Use lightning-based magic to defeat 50 Heartless. Reward: Mystic Pauldron
No. 14 Frozen Rail Ride Use ice-based magic to create a rail, then ride the rail a long distance. Reward: Flawless Arm Guards
No. 15 Ice Breaker Freeze at least 5 Heartless and shatter 5 of them. Reward: Grace (Purple)
No. 16 Magic Advantage Some Heartless are weak to certain types of magic. Use the right type to hit an enemy for extra damage. Reward: Voltaic Arm Plate
No. 17 Fight and Flight Defeat 5 Heartless while in midair. Reward: Radiant Ornament
No. 18 Excellent Aim Earn an Excellent rating 6 times in a row using Shotlock. Reward: Diamond (White)
No. 19 Stylish Moves Use a Style Change to defeat 50 Heartless. Reward: Diamond (Green)
No. 20 A Fine Finish Activate Spellweaver's Finish command. Reward: Classy (Blue)
No. 21 Wardrobe Weaver Equip an item in all wardrobe slots, then activate Spellweaver's Finish command. Reward: Ribbons
No. 22 Trendsetter Equip an item in a wardrobe slot. Reward: Mecha (Pink)

Castle Town

No. 23 Streetlamp Striker Hit 20 streetlamps. Reward: Grace (Blue)
No. 24 Top of the Town Climb to the highest point. Reward: Wings
No. 25 Starlit Wish Watch for a meteor shower. Reward: Arm Guards

The Wold Within

No. 26 Heartless That Dwell Defeat all of the Heartless in the room. Reward: Mecha (Yellow)
No. 27 Mystery Within Solve the mystery of the World Within and win the battle. Reward: Stitching
No. 28 Treasure Within Uncover the mystery of the World Within and obtain the special item. Reward: Arm Plate
No. 29 Gem Gatherer Find the brightest of jewels in the mines where the Seven Dwarfs work. [Note: 7] Reward: Marie
No. 30 Connected Discover the secret in the mirror tied to the mysterious rocks. Reward: Lace (Crystal)
No. 31 Queen of the Rink Perform a spin during the fight with the phantom Aqua. [Note: Spellweaver Situation Command] Reward: Royal Tiara

Forest of Thorns

No. 32 Defeat the Darksides Defeat 3 Darksides that stand in Aqua's way. Reward: Diamond (Blue)
No. 33 Prickly Problem Destroy 50 ivy branches. Some require magic to be destroyed. Reward: Coil (White)
No. 34 Fairy Bouquet Find flowers that represent Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Reward: Minnie Ears (Blue Bow)

Depths of Darkness

No. 35 Work Together with King Mickey Link with King Mickey 5 times. Reward: Minnie Ears (Red Bow)
No. 36 Turn the Tide Defeat the Demon Tower with Spellweaver's Finish command. Reward: Cheshire Cat
No. 37 Treasure Hunt in the Castle Town Open all of the treasure chests. [Note: ???] Reward: Coil (Yellow)
No.38 Lingering Memories in the Castle Town Find lingering memories. Reward: Pulse Blades
No. 39 Treasure Hunt in the World Within Open all of the treasure chests. [Note: 13] Reward: Minnie Ears (White Bow)
No. 40 Lingering Memories in the World Within Find lingering memories. Reward: Warrior's Arm Plate
No. 41 Flawless Victory Defeat the third phantom Aqua without taking damage. Reward: Lustrous Wings
No. 42 In the Mirror Enter the mirror that appears in the middle of the 12 zodiac symbols and win all battles. Reward: Tiara
No. 43 Quest for the Zodiac Find and restore the light of the 12 zodiac symbols. Reward: Pauldron
No. 44 Treasure Hunt in the Forest of Thorns Open all of the treasure chests. [Note: 12] Reward: Classy (White)
No. 45 Lingering Memories in the Forest of Thorns Find lingering memories. Reward: Pulse Antennae
No. 46 Slide Along the Ivy Rails Use Rail Slide to dodge the Darksides' attacks without taking any damage. Reward: Lustrous Arm Guards
No. 47 Keeper of the Orb Defeat the Darkside supporting the dark orb without taking any damage. Reward: Lace (Floral)
No. 48 Treasure Hunt in the Depths of Darkness Open all of the treasure chests. [Note: 6] Reward: Grace (Pink)
No. 49 Lingering Memories in the Depths of Darkness Find lingering memories. Reward: Iron Ornament
No. 50 Combined Strength Link with King Mickey to defeat the Demon Tower. Reward: Polka Dots

Destiny Islands

No. 51 Critical Conquest Defeat the Demon Tide on Critical Mode. Reward: Crisscross