Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage - Walkthrough

If you're aiming for the Undefeated PSN trophy, you can usually load the Auto-save if you ever die against a boss — which might happen if you're playing Proud or Critical. This way, you don't have to come all the way back every time, and it still doesn't count as a Retry or Continue.

Dark World

After a few cut scenes, there is a controls tutorial that you can skip if you want. Walk towards the castle to fight your first battle.

After another cut scene, continue forward and open the chest with a Potion. Then fight a few more Heartless.

Castle Town

The Wardrobe is unlocked, and with it, objectives you need to complete to get various accessories for Aqua.

No. 23 Hit every new streetlamp you encounter, 20 times, to unlock "Grace (Blue)" in the Wardrobe. Note that only a combo will count towards the objective.

When you reach the crumbled arch, you have to watch another cutscene. After that, go back and open the chest with the Castle Town Area Map in it. The world changed and you have more lamps to hit. There are also a few objectives you can start working on:

You can already complete the objective No. 14. From the round place in front of the castle, cast Blizzaga towards the castle and take a step forward. You should be able to unlock the reward this way. If the length is not enough, you can come back after hitting a few gears. However, if you don't do it before you restore the whole path, you'll have to wait and start from the invisible wall leading to the castle, and casting towards the Save Point.

Follow the road on the right after the fountain to find an Ether behind the second block. Now, continue until you reach the other side of the fountain to find a Potion. Jump on the roofs to reach a gear, and hit it.

No. 17 Deafeat 5 Heartless while in midair.

Now, go back down, follow the wall to your left and jump a few times to reach another chest with a Potion. You can continue to jump on the right on the floating broken walls but there is nothing to see (for now) except if you want a vantage point on the town below.
From your previous position, go down until you reach a chest with an Ether on the right, and another gear.

Now go back up and all the way to the fountain place, and continue on the left – jump again and follow the road to find another gear. Continue on the left from where you came and jump on the roofs to reach a higher place. Climb it to reach the last gear.

No. 18 Earn an Excellent rating 6 times in a row using Shotlock.

If you're working on your objectives, now is the time to go back to the highest place I was talking about earlier. From the tower on the left side, you can reach another floating roof by using Doubleflight then Air Slide. Continue to climb and you'll unlock your reward.

Now go towards the castle and get ready for a boss fight.

The boss only has two attacks. When it starts glowing red, go away and pay attention: if it goes towards the ground, then all the Heartless will split and converge towards you. You can wait and use Barrier and you won't take any damage. For the other attack, it will flail its "head" several times: stay far away and avoid if necessary.

The World Within

If you follow this walkthrough, you will complete all these new objectives. First of all, take the World Within Area Map in the chest. Then, you'll have to touch each mirror and you'll be teleported inside. Mirrors are all different, and I'll explain them all clockwise, starting from the one next to the Save Point.

But first, let's open the chest of the main area with a Mega-Potion inside. For this, you'll need to climb on the arch by using the pillars and walls of the fourth mirror after the Save Point.

First mirror

You'll have to fight your way out. You can use Firaga to quickly dispose of them.

No. 5 Defeat 20 Water Cores.

Second mirror

You'll have to open the correct chest. It's the one closest to the pillar on the left – you can see its reflection before entering. It contains a Mega-Ether.

Third mirror

You have to reach the mirror you see in the reflection. For that, you have to find a pillar from which light emanates between bricks. When you enter the room, turn around and continue forward, checking on your left until you see it. Hit it and examine it to be upside down. Take the chest next to the pillar which has a Potion in it.

Walk towards the chest, pass two pillars and then look on your left: you'll see the next pillar in the distance. With your back to the pillar, go foward. The fourth pillar is the one to hit.

Go towards the mirror close-by. There is a chest hidden behind a pillar with a Hi-Potion inside. Before touching the mirror, get ready for a boss fight.

No. 31 Use the Spellweaver's Finish on the phantom Aqua.

This one only has two types of attack: - Rush with the keyblade, several times: you can either dodge or use Barrier to protect yourself.
- Blizzaga: she will summon four Blizzaga spikes and they'll converge towards you: dodge or use Barrier.
The best time to attack her is when she's just walking around before she disappears again.

Fourth mirror

You appear at the bottom of some stairs. Go up and touch the mirror. Next, go up again, get rid of the Heartless and touch the mirror.

Now turn around and look at your right. There is a chest with a Hi-Potion inside. Now go up the stairs and touch the mirror. Turn around again and get ready for another boss fight. She follows the same patterns as before.

Fifth mirror

This mirror contains two waves of Heartless: several Shadows with a Flame Core, then four Flame Cores. As always, use Blizzaga to get things done faster.

Sixth mirror

No. 29 Find the seven brightest jewels in the mine.

Follow the only path available. Get the gem left of the mirror, then check the mirror itself. A huge rock will appear behind you, allowing you to continue.

The second gem is left of the next mirror. Now pay attention to the mirror. There is a rock floating in the reflection. First, touch the mirror when it's low, and go there so you can take the third gem. Go back to the mirror, touch it, and wait for the rock to be floating about halfway up. Jump on it to continue.

Break the barrels on the left and take the fourth gem.

No. 30 Discover the secret in the mirror tied to the mysterious rocks.

To complete this objective, you'll need to touch the mirror at the correct time, so that the drawings connect to form a full picture. However, it might not be enough to open a path, so you might have to try again after that: there are two rocks moving sidewise and another going up and down.

On the next platform, break some barrels on the left to uncover another gem. The sixth is on the right. Go down the slope and touch the mirror. You'll need to touch it again when you see the path moving behind you, but from the other side of the mirror. But first, look where the last gem is, and stop the path on it so you can reach it. When you reach the last mirror, get the chest with a Hi-Potion in it, and get ready for another boss fight.

This time, she has more commands. She starts the fight with the usual combo, but at the end of it, she makes two copies of herself and throws three balls of light towards you. You can use Barrier to protect yourself against them. This is a good time to complete the objective No. 31.

Seventh mirror

In this room, you need to hit every chandellar still lit. When every light is out, a battle against Heartless will start. I would advise the use of Thundaga since they can be hard to see sometimes, and they tend to rush towards you. There will be several waves of enemies, and when you're done, you can go out.

No. 4 Defeat 30 Neoshadows.

Entrance mirror

Walk back towards the mirror you first came from. After the cut scene, touch it to reach the next world.

Forest of Thorns

Destroy the first ivy branches with your Keyblade. Get the chest with the Forest of Thorns Area Map in it. Walk on the mossy bridge and destroy the next branches with Firaga.

Kill the Heartless in the next 'room' then jump on the platforms and mossy rail to find a chest with a Mega-Potion in it. Go back down, follow the path and burn the ivy. At the intersection, go left to find the green flower. Now go back, choose the other path and burn the ivy. Keep following the path until you reach another boss.

He has two patterns: - When he hits the ground, balls of darkness will fall from above: they are easy to avoid.
- When his 'heart' is glowing, projectiles will follow you. Use Barrier to protect yourself.

After the fight, continue walking. If you haven't done so already, now is a good time to complete the objective No. 15. Freeze 5 Shadows at once, and use Thundaga to kill them all together.

Beware of the third Darkside hidden behind ivy branches, as he'll punch you when you get closer. Same thing when you ride the ramp: six of them will attack you. Jump when you see them raise their first. When you land, you'll have to fight more Heartless.

At the end of the fight, burn the ivy on the left to uncover a chest with an Ether. Then, go forward.

No. 32 Defeat 3 Darksides that stand in Aqua's way.

The Heartless will throw their projectiles at you. Use Barrier to protect yourself, kill the Heartless on your way, and when you're close to the Darkside, lock it and use Barrier again so the projectiles are thrown back at him.

Continue advancing to fight a second Darkside. After you beat it, go forward to find the blue flower, then go up the short stairs and burn some ivy to reach a chest with an Ether.

Now follow the steps on the other side. About halfway up, you'll see a chest on the right in the distance with a Hi-Potion in it. Follow the path, down the stairs. The room with the Darkside contains a chest with another Hi-Potion.

When you reach a few more ivy branches, go on the left for a Potion. Go back, choose the right side this time to find the red flower and a Potion below.

Further up, go right to find a Mega-Potion. Go back again and clean the way to the last 'room'. Get ready for a boss fight.

He has the same attacks as the first one, and more: - A fist in the ground does a shockwave and make Shadows spawn.
- If he pushed you towards the walls, he'll

After the cut scene, you'll fight the Heartless Tower again, but you won't be alone this time. Its attacks are the same as the first time.

Depths of Darkness

No. 35 Link with King Mickey 5 times (activate Wayfinder).

After the Save Point, you'll encounter some Heartless.

No. 6 Defeat 20 Earth Cores.

First, get the Depths of Darkness Area Map in front of you. Then go back and fall down the stairs on the left to find a Mega-Ether. Go back up.

Follow the only available path. After a fight with Heartless in the pillars area, you'll find a chest further to the right with a Hi-Potion, and then a Mega-Ether on the left. Pass through the large room. Then, in the area with crystals and sand, you'll find a chest near the curve to the left with an Elixir. As you go towards the light, get ready for a boss fight.

The Heartless Tower has more abilities this time.