Kingdom Hearts 3 Gummi Missions

Blast Off2Embark on your first voyage.Rainbow/S
Traveler2Find 3 waypoints.Soccer Ball/P
Master Traveler2Find 6 waypoints.Crowns/P
Ultimate Traveler3Find 9 waypoints.Crown/S
World Seeker1Discover 2 worlds.Geometric/P
Master World Seeker2Discover 6 worlds.Dazzle/P
Ultimate World Seeker3Discover 9 worlds.Kingdom Hearts/S
Astrowarrior Slayer2Defeat the Astrowarrior in Starlight Way.Firaga/G-01
Flower Guardian Slayer2Defeat the Flower Guardian in Starlight Way.Unversed/S
Comet Crawler Slayer3Defeat the Comet Crawlers in Starlight Way.Spirit/S
Dreadshark Slayer2Defeat the Dreadshark in Misty Stream.Excalibur/G
Glacial Fortress Slayer2Defeat the Glacial Fortress in Misty Stream.Nobody/S
Space Worm Slayer2Defeat the Space Worms in Misty Stream.Nightmare/S
Schwarzgeist Slayer3Defeat the Schwarzgeist in Misty Stream.Roxas/S
Colossus Pyramid Slayer2Defeat the Colossus Pyramid in the Eclipse.Ultima/G
Supreme Warrior Slayer3Defeat the Supreme Warrior in The Eclipse.Heartless/S
Scarlet Shark Slayer3Defeat the Scarlet Shark in The Eclipse.Keyblade/S
Omega Machina Slayer3Defeat the Omega Machina in The Eclipse.Eraqus/S
Heartless Hunter1Take out 500 Heartless with your gummi ship.Medal/S-01
Heartless Harrier1Take out 1500 Heartless with your gummi ship.Medal/S-02
Heartless Menacer2Take out 3000 Heartless with your gummi ship.Medal/S-03
Heartless Destroyer2Take out 5000 Heartless with your gummi ship.Medal/S-04
Heartless Obliterator3Take out 9999 Heartless with your gummi ship.Medal/S-05
Special Weapon Dabbler1Obtain 3 different special weapons.Checkered/P
Special Weapon Collector1Obtain 5 different special weapons.Arabesque/P
Special Weapon Hoarder2Obtain 7 different special weapons.Wave Crests/P
Special Weapon Scholar2Obtain 10 different special weapons.Arrow Feathers/P
Special Weapon Authority3Obtain 13 different special weapons.X-blade/S
Junior Treasure Hunter1Unlock a treasure sphere.Flowers/P
Authorized Trasure Hunter1Unlock 3 treasure spheres.Foliage/P
Chief Treasure Hunter2Unlock 5 treasure spheres.Grid/P
Veteran Treasure Hunter2Unlock 7 treasure spheres.Lights/P
Champion Treasure Hunter3Unlock 9 treasure spheres.Roman Ten/S
Pro Builder3Retrieve all the blueprint fragments in Starlight Way.Vega
Elite Builder3Retrieve all the blueprint fragments in Misty Stream.Sirius
Master Builder3Retrieve all the blueprint fragments in The Eclipse.Shooting Star
Cactuar Gazer2Photograph the Cactuar constellation in Starlight Way.Cactuar
Bomb Gazer2Photograph the Bomb constellation in Starlight Way.Bomb
Moogle Gazer2Photograph the Moogle constellation in Starlight Way.Moogle
Endymion Gazer2Photograph the Endymion constellation in Misty Stream.Endymion
Tonberry Gazer2Photograph the Tonberry constellation in Misty Stream.Tonberry
Imp Gazer2Photograph the Imp constellation in Misty Stream.Imp
Bismarck Gazer2Photograph the Bismarck constellation in The Eclipse.Bismarck
Ultros Gazer2Photograph the Ultros constellation in The Eclipse.Ultros
Omega Gazer2Photograph the Omega constellation in The Eclipse.Omega
Gummi Ship Completionist3Understand the true joy of gummi ships (finish every other Gummi Mission).Crown/G