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Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Guide to 100%

Are you a completionist? Are you a PSN Platinum trophy hunter? Either way, this guide will cover everything you need to reach 100% completion.

Before starting

You will have to finish the game twice to get all the available trophies, as you need to play the Critical Mode, which is unlocked once you finish the game once.

When you enter a new world, get every treasure available. Feel free to check the maps if you can't find them.

General trophies

A lot of trophies, either in-game or from the PlayStation Network, will require some time to obtain:

  • Obtain 2,000 Drop Points
  • Defeat 2,500 enemies
  • Obtain 5,000 Munny
  • Maximize every Spirit affinity level: take care of your Spirits often, and swap them when needed
  • Obtain 7,500,000 points in one Dive (tips incoming)
  • Defeat 1,000 enemies using Flowmotion
  • Defeat 50 enemies using Reality Shift
  • Link with your Spirits 50 times
  • Fill all your stat-boosting slots (tips incoming)
  • Reach a cumulative level of 100 for Sora and Riku
  • Get 300 Drop Points in one go: use a Drop-Me-Not and complete Link portals/defeat a lot of enemies before the next Drop.
  • Drop 100 times
  • Finish a Dive without taking damage
  • Get A Rank on any Dive
  • View all flashback when given the choice (or watch them from the menu)
  • Obtain a ★ Rank Spirit
  • Complete a Spirit's Ability Link board (tips incoming)
  • Save 3 Spirits: let them 'die' and save them before they disappear for good
  • Unlock and fill all slots of the Support and Spirit Abilities (tips incoming)
  • Complete all Bonus Objectives of Link Portals: 3 Flowmotion Attacks, and more
  • Beat all enemies, get all items and game records, unlock the whole story: just follow this guide and we'll do them all
  • Watch the Mark of Mastery exam flashback.
Traverse Town
  • Watch the Dream Eaters and The Keyblade War flashbacks.
  • When you get a Balloon, use it and score 200 points or more.
  • Use the Reality Shift Slingshot and kill 5 enemies in one shot: try the square in the First or Third District, by using one weakened enemy to aim at 4 others.
  • Use every type of Flowmotion for the game records: Kick Dive (use a wall), Shock Dive (use a wall & jump), Buzz Saw (use a pole), Blow-Off (use a big enemy like Kooma Panda), Sliding Dive (use a ramp), Wheel Rush (use a horizontal pole)
  • Farm Intrepid Figment x3, Rampant Figment x2, Vibrant Figment x9, Troubling Figment x7 to create the following Spirits with a 100% chance: Tama Sheep, Pricklemane, Toximander
  • Defeat at least one of the following enemies: Meow Wow, Tama Sheep, Yoggy Ram, Komory Bat, Pricklemane, Hebby Repp, Kooma Panda
  • When the Moogle appears in the First District after your first Drop, buy the Pricklemane and Hebby Repp Recipes from him, as well as one of each color of Paint Gun.
    You can also buy Candy Goggles (if you haven't dropped one already) and Water Barrel and try to score above 800 and 400 respectively.
  • Use the following Link Attacks: Meow Wounce, Whomperstomp, Roll Call, Fly-By Knight, Poison Dash, Comet, Chaos Snake...