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Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Reports: Trophies

In the ClearProof you have finished the story.
Badge of PrideProof you have finished the story in Proud or Critical Mode.
Stop Drop RollerProof you have racked up 2,000 Drop Points.
King of RushProof you have taken first place in every Flick Rush cup.
KeyslingerProof you have taken out 2,500 Dream Eaters.
In the MunnyProof you have amassed 5,000 munny.
Dream PleaserProof that you have maxed out every Spirit's Affinity Level.
Portal ChampProof you have completed every Special Portal and Secret Portal.
Daring DiverProof you have scored more than 7,500,000 points in Dive Mode.
Motion SlicknessProof you have defeated 1,000 enemies while in Flowmotion.
Treasure SeekerProof you have found every last treasure.
Spirit GuideProof you have obtained at least one of every Spirit.
Critical PraiseProof you have finished the story in Critical Mode.
Reality ShifterProof you have defeated 50 enemies using Reality Shift.
Pro LinkerProof you have linked with your Spirits at least 50 times.
Stat BuilderProof you have maxed out every stat-boosting ability.
Ribbit ReaperProof you have defeated Lord Kyroo.
Keyblade ConquerorProof you have obtained every Keyblade.