Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Ice Cream Guide

Ice creams

Vanilla Glitz (Terra) Vanilla ice cream studded with tons of gemstones. Chew carefully!
Made with: Golden Jam x1, Bijou Bean x1, Crystal Sugar x3
Command Form: Critical Impact

Honeybunny (Ventus) An adorable apple and honey ice cream shaped just like a bunny.
Made with: Honeybunch x3, Apple Pie x2
Command Form: Fever Pitch

Fabracadabra (Aqua) An ice cream topped with the magic of three fruit flavors.
Made with: Balloon Melon x2, Heroic Orange x2, Peach Fantasy x1
Command Form: Spellweaver

Bueno Volcano A daring new veggie ice cream that's both healthy AND spicy.
Made with: Prickle Pepper x5, Toonbasco x3
Command Form: Firestorm

Snow Bear A healthy, tofu-flavored ice cream shaped just like a polar bear.
Made with: Open Sesam x3, Soy Milk x5
Command Form: Diamond Dust

Spark Lemon A lemon ice cream whose sour power will have you wincing in joy.
Made with: Thundercracker x4, Rocket Soda x2, Dancin' Lemon x3
Command Form: Thunderbolt

Royalberry (Terra & Aqua) A raspberry ice cream with a hint of sour hiding under all that sweet. Made with: Gaspberry x7, Nebula Nectar x10, Birthday Cake x8, Rose Honey x7
Command Form: Bladecharge

Goofy Parfait (Ventus) A sundae-style ice cream piled up to look like Goofy.
Made with: Moogle Coffee x7, Jumbo Almond x6, Chocolate Valentine x5, Forest Muffin x10
Command Form: Cyclone

Rockin' Crunch (Terra) A bittersweet, nut-covered ice cream with a sophisticated taste.
Made with: Galactic Caramel x15, Nutty Nut x12
Command Form: Rockbreaker

Sugary Skies (Ventus & Aqua) A fluffy, fun-filled cross between cotton candy and ice cream.
Made with: Cream Fluff x10, Rainbow Syrup x8, Cotton Cloudcandy x14
Command Form: Sky Climber

Big Bad Pete (Terra) An unusual, Pete-shaped ice cream with a chestnut flavor.
Made with: Bizarro Bean x20, Whipped Dream x20
Command Form: Dark Impulse

Double Crunch (Ventus) A mixed ice cream so full of fruit, you might just go a little bananas.
Made with: Cherryberry x9, Merry Dairy x5, Wedding Cake x14, Star Syrup x15
Command Form: Wingblade

Donald Fizz (Aqua) A fizzy ice cream that bears a charming resemblance to Donald.
Made with: Crystal Soda x8, Mermaid Salt x13, Fizzy Tizzy x15, Sky Blue Mousse x8
Command Form: Ghost Drive

Daisy Sorbet A grape-flavored sorbet is the main ingredient in this delectable dessert.
Made with: Starry Sky Delight x8, Rich Marshmallow x15, Merry Mint x10, Melodious Grape x12
Command Form: Rhythm Mixer

Prize Pods

For each location, if the condition isn't met, you can exit the area and come back to save time. Note that once the Prize Pods have been killed, you need to leave the world completely for them to spawn again.

Enchanted DominionTerra, AquaWaterside-
  • Bijou Bean
  • Cherryberry
  • Forest Muffin
  • Jumbo Almond
  • Rose Honey
  • Sky Blue Mousse
    VentusAudience Chamber-
    Dwarf WoodlandsTerraUnderground Waterway-
    • Apple Pie
    • Gaspberry
    • Merry Dairy
    • Merry Mint
    • Nutty Nut
    • Peach Fantasy
      VentusThe MineFloods appear at the entrance of The Mine
      AquaFlower Glade-
      Castle of DreamsTerraPalace CourtyardDefeat the Red Hot Chilis first
      • Birthday Cake
      • Chocolate Valentine
      • Crystal Soda
      • Crystal Sugar
      • Rich Marshmallow
      • Wedding Cake
        AquaFoyerA Bruiser appear on the way
        Radiant GardenTerra, Ventus, AquaFountain CourtDefeat the Blue Sea Salts first
        • Moogle Coffee
        • Nebula Nectar
        • Rocket Soda
        • Soy Milk
          Disney TownTerra, Ventus, AquaRacewayDefeath the Blue Sea Salts first
          • Melodious Grape
          • Prickle Pepper
          • Toonbasco
            Olympus ColiseumTerra, Ventus, AquaTown Near Thebes-
            • Cotton Cloudcandy
            • Heroic Orange
            • Nutty Nut
            • Thundercracker
              Deep SpaceTerra, AquaTuro Prison Block-
              • Balloon Melon
              • Bizarro Bean
              • Cream Fluff
              • Galactic Caramel
              • Fizzy Tizzy
              • Star Syrup
                VentusDurgon TransporterDefeat all the enemies of the room
                Never LandTerraSkull Rock: EntranceIf Jellyshades spawn, leave and come back
                • Dancin' Lemon
                • Golden Jam
                • Honeybunch
                • Mermaid Salt
                • Rainbow Syrup
                • Whipped Dream
                  VentusMermaid LagoonIf the Wild Bruiser doesn't spawn alone, leave and come back
                  AquaIndian Camp-
                  Mirage ArenaTerra, Ventus, AquaRisky Riches-N/A
                  • Dancin' Lemon
                  • Open Sesame
                  Terra, Ventus, AquaTreasure Tussle-N/A
                  • Open Sesame
                  • Starry Sky Delight