Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Stickers Guide

Each character has a set of stickers to find in every world. Once collected, they need to be stuck on the picture to get points and rewards.

You can put them anywhere, but each sticker has a 'good area' that gives more points. A well placed sticker gives 7 points (instead of 5) and makes a distinctive sound.

Follow this guide to learn every sticker location and where to place them on the picture.


Terra's stickers locations
WorldAreaHow to reachAdvanced command(s) needed
Enchanted DominionForest Clearing--
Audience ChamberFrom the stairs, jump and Air Slide right aheadHigh Jump, Air Slide, Sonic Impact
Tower Room--
Castle of DreamsThe Chateau--
Passage-High Jump
Dwarf WoodlandsUnderground WaterwayOpen the first gate, then from the opening next to the second handle, Air Slide towards the stickerAir Slide max level
Flower Glade--
The Mysterious TowerSorcerer's Chamber-High Jump
Radiant GardenCentral Square-High Jump
Fountain CourtFrom the second platform, Air Slide + Sonic Impact to reach the stickerHigh Jump, Air Slide, Sonic Impact
Outer Gardens-High Jump
Disney TownRacewayExit to the Raceway from Pete's Rec Room pinball. Jump on the crates, aim at the blue walls at the other side of the area, then High Jump, Air Slide + Sonic Impact twice to reach the platform.High Jump, Air Slide, Sonic Impact
Gizmo GalleryFrom the second Mickey-shaped cog, Air Slide to reach the sticker.Air Slide
Olympus ColiseumColiseum GatesThe sticker is behind the pillar on the right.High Jump
Deep SpaceTuro Prison BlockYou can either jump down the platform above it, or Air Slide from the opposite oneHigh Jump, Air Slide
Ship Corridor-High Jump
Never LandSkull Rock: EntranceJump on the high platforms, go to the Cavern from the entrance at the top, then Air Slide + Sonic Impact to the other platform. The sticker is right there when you exit.High Jump, Air Slide, Sonic Impact
Peter's Hideout--
Rainbow Falls: BaseFrom the highest platform (which isn't really high at this point), Air Slide + Sonic Impact towards the sticker.High Jump, Air Slide, Sonic Impact
Keyblade GraveyardTwister Trench-High Jump
Terra's stickers collection rewards
Pulsing CrystalItem20
Limit StormCommand70
Sonic BladeCommand110
Rhythm MixerCommand Form140


Ventus' stickers locations
WorldAreaHow to reachAdvanced command(s) needed
Dwarf WoodlandsMine Entrance--
Cottage ClearingJump on the stump then towards the sticker while hitting the air with your Keyblade.-
Castle of DreamsCinderella's RoomUse the yarn ball to go on top of the chair, then jump on the dresser.-
MouseholeFrom where the cheese is stuck in the cobweb, jump down and use a well-timed Sliding Dash to reach this sticker.-
Enchanted DominionAudience ChamberFrom the top of the stairs, High Jump + Glide/Superglide to reach it.-
HallFrom the hall entrance, follow this: right (blue teleporter), orange teleporter, Dungeon, fall down then use the stairs on your right, wait for the purple teleporter. There, you will find the sticker and you just have to jump to reach it.-
Radiant GardenGardens--
Front Door-High Jump
Fountain CourtFrom the platform closest to the sticker, jump then hit the air, or use Sliding Dash-
Disney TownGizmo GalleryUse the Mickey-shaped cog then jump on the four hands on the right to reach this sticker.-
Pete's Rec RoomUse the giant pinball to reach the platform on the right, near the ceiling, where the sticker is.-
RacewayExit from Pete's Rec Room and jump down.-
Olympus ColiseumColiseum Gates--
Deep SpaceShip HubTurn off the gravity with the computer and jump from the top to the middle of the room.-
Launch DeckTurn off the gravity with the computer and jump on the crates to reach the sticker.-
Never LandRainbow Falls: BaseUse a Sliding Dash.High Jump
Mermaid LagoonFrom the little island with the chest, double Air Slide.Air Slide
The Mysterious TowerMysterious Tower--
Keyblade GraveyardSeat of War-High Jump
Twister Trench-High Jump
Ventus' stickers collection rewards
Wellspring CrystalItem20
Collision MagnetCommand70
Rhythm MixerCommand Form140


Aqua's stickers locations
WorldAreaHow to reachAdvanced command(s) needed
Castle of DreamsPalace Courtyard-High Jump
Dwarf WoodlandsCourtyardGo through the arch, it's a bit hidden.-
Vault-High Jump, Air Slide
Enchanted DominionDungeon-Doubleflight
Forest Clearing--
Radiant GardenFront Doors-High Jump
Aqueduct-High Jump
Castle Town--
Disney TownMain Plaza-Doubleflight
Olympus ColiseumColiseum Gates-High Jump
Deep SpaceTuro Prison BlockAir Slide from the opposite cell.Air Slide
Ship HubTurn off the gravity with the computer and jump from the top to the middle of the room.-
Never LandJungle ClearingBehind the three, High Jump then Air Slide.High Jump, Air Slide
Mermaid LagoonHigh Jump + Air Slide from the closest little island.High Jump, Air Slide
Rainbow Falls: AscendUse the fairy dust next to the sticker and let yourself fall down on it.-
The Mysterious TowerTower Entrance-Doubleflight
Keyblade GraveyardSeat of War-High Jump, Doubleflight
Fissure-High Jump, Doubleflight
Aqua's stickers collection rewards
Shimmering CrystalItem40
Stop BarrierCommand70
Deep FreezeCommand110
Rhythm MixerCommand Form140